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Myler® Flat Shank with Medium Ported Barrel Narrow MB 43MP

Colors/Options: Stainless Steel

Myler® Flat Shank with Medium Ported Barrel Narrow MB 43MP

Item #: X1-013670
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Myler® Stainless Steel 7" Flat Shank, MB 43MP Narrow Medium Ported Barrel, Level 2-3. For Western disciplines.

The MB 43MP does not rotate onto the tongue, but instead sits solidly across the bars and lips of the horse’s mouth. The port is narrower than a Level 3 mouthpiece, but still offers room for the horse’s tongue to pass under the bit. Because the port is narrow, when the reins are engaged, the horse will feel a slight pressure on the outside edges of the tongue as a reminder rather than a strong reprimand.

The port on this mouthpiece is only 1 1/2" high, so it will apply little to no palate pressure. The MB 43MP is the mildest of the Level 2-3 mouthpieces in terms of tongue pressure, just one step below a Level 3 mouthpiece. Sweet Iron mouthpiece oxidizes and encourages salivation.

Key features:

  • Independent Side Movement™.
  • Sweet iron mouthpiece.
  • Curved mouthpiece does not pinch lips and bars.
  • Copper inlay.


  • For more tongue pressure, see the MB 27LP.
  • For more tongue relief, see the MB 41PB. For slightly less tongue relief or a lower port, see the 43LP.
  • For the same benefits but with some palate pressure, see the MB 43HP.
  • For the correctional version of this mouthpiece, see the MB 47 and MB 47PB.
  • For the Level 3 version of this mouthpiece without Independent Side Movement, see the MB 12 or MB 98.

The 7" Flat Shank is stainless steel and curved slightly back towards the horse, with a flat-top purchase and a rein ring. The mouthpiece has a fixed attachment. The Flat Shank has the patented Independent Swivel Cheek, where the purchase, mouthpiece and shank all move independently of each other. The purchase is slightly angled away from the cheek to avoid rubbing. It has an indirect (curb) rein action designed to be used with a curb strap which attaches to the purchase. The flat shank uses the combination of the fixed cheek and fixed rein to apply pressure to the mouth, chin and poll.

Action: Indirect.

Degree of leverage: moderate.